My disappointment on the AAP's conduct on 28th March NC meet

Agreebly, Kejriwal and the AAP themselves failed to follow the course of Justice. Indeed Kejriwal himself can be heard having become a victim of Swaraj, Democratic Politics and unfathomable Tolerance !! This made it sound as if Kejriwal was prescribing those medicines to the world whose bad effects he himself was an example !!!
    I think Kejriwal should have taken help of professional lawyers even during the NC meet to produce his case before everyone. Instead we can hear a crying, emotional Kejriwal who claims to have shown tolerance and suffering in high doses.
   I would rather Kejriwal had taken this moment to showcase to the world how internal bickering and power-game could be resolved through the Jurisprudence available in his model of Swaraj and Democracy.
   Kejriwal himself has now failed to practise what he preaches. This makes it all very sad.


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