Really! a case of Indiscipline and Disrespect ??

Acts of 'Indisciple' and 'Disrespect' are two accusations which in themselves are deprived of any logical substance to sustain themselves. What is 'indiscipline' and what is 'disrespectful' or 'insulting' in an action is never revealed by the use of word itself. Where one person will judge 'indiscipline' in an action, the other person may still see discipline while negotiating hard to change a culture towards the deliverance of the justice. Given the manner these words are used, it can be said that the parameters of 'discipline' and 'indiscipline' are very much subjective and particular to the cultural environment of the claimant and the organisation.
  More often than not, the claims of a perceived 'indiscipline' or a 'disrespect','insult' comes as a front for the suppression of Free-speech , or to overthrow what ought to be the course of Justice in a given case. It is very common to see the claim of 'indiscipline' and 'disrespect' coming from people who are very much traditionalists, who are not adept in the managerial skills, human resource management, practice the rudimentary cultural outlook, and refusing to adopt to modern outlook. One will frequently notice the regular pattern of behaviours of dislike for the young, the new 'ideas', and dislike for the technically advanced subordinate whereever the claims of 'indiscipline' and/or 'disrespect' are being invoked.
The most fundamental truth observable in these accusations is that these accusations are purely ONE-WAY allegations, as if to mean that these claims are a special prerogative of any senior in an organisation against his junior. Have we ever seen a claim of 'indiscipline'and/or 'disrespect' by a junior against his senior? And that too being successfully upheld? !!!
Indian culture is typically a culture of subjugation and compliance, against the other prevailing thought of awakened-ness, the conscitiousness, or self-awareness in other 'developed' cultures. One has regularly heard of how questioning anything, the enquiry of human mind is suppressed in the very basic Education System of India. All the other prevailing social ills when contrasted against the technical background of India, speak of a serious 'doping' of the two immiscible things. While we boast of our exclusive achievements in the IT, the space, the medicine, we hear at a regular run the news reports of extremely obnoxious and contrarian social conducts by those class professionals whom one should expect to be excelling in these highly advanced fields of sciences. India's religion thought has managed to rob away the difference that the sciences traditionally have with the vast span of human beliefs in their ignorance, which are represented by the 'religion'. The religion has 'transformed', in a true sense 'masqueraded to deceive the people', the achievements and awakening brought by the sciences as something a 'gift of the religious pursuits'.Thereof, we have demolished forever the endeavor of humans around us to come into the light of self-knowledge and conscitiousness. In these circumstances of the culture, the 'indiscipline' and the 'disrespect' have come as a potent tool, which while they remain inexplicable in the analytical terms, yet they find the understanding of there causation in the light of traditions and the culture. These claims, then, serve their claimants to do what has been regularly being done irrespective of the call of the Justice.


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