Not everybody is comfortable knowing the truth

Not everybody is comfortable living life while knowing the Truth. It is because Truth has different derivations, different meanings in different context. It's here I figure out that the Truth is a small, narrow and a focused description of a larger form of behaviour , called the Fair-minded-ness. Fair-minded-ness correlates with the IQ, the analytical ability of Human mind. The higher the analytical mind, the higher is the Fair-minded-ness. There is a misconception amongst people who see 'street smart' chirps as the mark of intelligence. In truth, it is not. As one unravels the links between Intelligence, Intellectualism and Wisdom , the analytical ability emerges as the thread which connects one with another. it is this ability which is generated from the quality of empathy, explains how the Fair-minded-ness is a significant trait of higher skilled analytical brains. The higher IQ are capable of perceiving the different aspects of a problem by their Imagination skills itself, without having to physically change their side to see by their eyes. Isn't it quite similar to a highly evolved form of the quality of empathy ?? And what is the result of a higher empathy In a person? One who can perceive the effect of one's actions on other's without having to live like that other. Lacking in the empathy, further, is a sure connect for certain psychiatric problems too.
   Do we still not perceive the inter-connection ?
    The value of Truth , therefore, is a function of brain. The higher the abilities of brain, the closer he can obtain (=seek) the value of Truth for various circumstances surrounding him. Inferior brains are as much far removed from the truth.
Since the brain abilities are not of homogeneous level in a vast country as India, the comfort level of accepting the Truth is as much different for different people.The 'benarasi thugs' and the 'benarasi sadhu' represent the two extreme abilities of human brain present in the same and one species called the humans.
Truth is sometimes derived from the conscitiousness- The divinely ability of human brain to know the right from the wrong. conscitiousness can be best handled through Stoicism- stripping oneself off his emotions. But how soulless does the life become when deprived of the emotions. Not everybody can renounce - their worldly affairs. Emotion contain in them the human emotions of prejudices , the ill-will, the jealousy and the revenge. These hyper emotions produced in the absence of Empathy.
Those people who can exercise Conscitiousness, the divinely ability of brain to know the right from the wrong, but cannot turn to renunciation, and the Stoicism, are also not capable of living with the Truth. The conscitiousness is then suppressed ,so to seek pleasure; to derive pleasure even through those emotions which are negative and produced in the absence of Empathy.

Those people who cannot live with the truth, and the conscitiousness cannot be said to be at faults. But yes, they truely are living a life at a lesser quality level than the truth-seekers. These people make their surrounding susceptible to human vices, of greed , corruption and other social ills.


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