How should an MLA or an MP be ideally attending to his constituency?

How should an MLA or an MP be ideally attending to his constituency? 

 The conventional perception of ''who is a good man'', surprisingly has been a very relativistic view, over here in India. The general answer, which most of us Indians , unconscietiously bear in our mind, is that '' a good person is someone who is sitting on a dharna , a candle light vigil, or protest about something which is perceived to be bad''. There is perhaps no standard and idealistic answer which while conforming to the need of moderns times, help us identify the 'due process' man from an dissenter man.
     In the absence of the ideal gauge, the convention of stating who is a good legislator is that ''jo apke saare kaam kara de''. When asked to elaborate on 'kaun se kaam (which all works)', the quick answer our minds thoughtlessly work back is, ''roads, bridges, flyovers, footpath and railings- banwa de''. Sometimes this answer might stretch to include the fountain on the traffic junction, or the construction and maintenance of public park, installing of statue of your favourite public figure, and the working status of the street lights in your neighbourhood.
     The unspoken extensions of the response, ''kaun kaun se kaam'', are about ''freeing a convicted person from the police custody'' (where police is traditionally perceived to be mighty, stubborn, and all-powerful entity), admissions to 'posh' school where the selection process filters out certain candidates over others, ('' the principal behaves irrational'', as the selection process is interpreted by the disappointed people), and where appointment to meet a doctor a long days off.
     The power, might and working success of a legislature is measured from the 'successes' of these activities. But are these parameters ideally suited to judge the legislature? are they, if you think so, any contributors to the violations of laws, the lawlessness of your neighbourhood, which have duly come into existence by our own mis-actions? What, then, should be the ideal way for a legislature to attend to the needs of his constituency?


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