Business is Hypocrisy too..making a law and them secretly violating it, is called Business !

"Business cannot be done without using unfair means". This the self-image and convictions of the business houses in the Eastern Philosophy. Just as the purpose of Business is understood to be Profit by various philosophers, the business communities/houses take it that Profit and Profiteering are their birth-rights. Therefore, In the business related to goods, tax-evasions, secretive violations of the Statutory laws, consumer abuses - are done with the conviction of ''doing a business, because that's what the business is all about". In the business related to services, the exploitation is the equivalent of unfair means of Business , and executed with the same conviction. The 'business'-minded officials of the Governments facilitate this business environment.
 Since unfairness cannot be brought about with having some rule to put the other in the queue, the 'right' method doing business is to support the rules and legislations which make all the competitors to stand along the queue at the Governments Office, and then use the nexus of Government Babus and Politicians to secretly by-pass the queue. It is all what is best described in the dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan in his movie "Kalia", "sab line mein khade ho jao, aur line wahan se shuru hogi jahan hum khade hain."
Hypocrisy, therefore , the truest culture of India. The spirituality, the morality, the legality - all cater to this grand Hypocrisy.
How to break this chain? Even as I read the news of Google entering the Medical Industry, exploration of new undiscovered business arena might be our best hopes. The old arena is already files with those same junk business houses who are only exploiting the natural resources of India through the Businesses-Political-legislative-bureaucratic-judiciary Grand nexus. After all, profit and Profiteering is their birth-right, that is how they think, and there is no means to secure their birth-right, but by using the unfair means. It is not that India is a eternally quenched state which has fulfilled the needs of its citizens. But then all the business competitions are only in those arena where the profits are quickest. The checkboard presently lays set, through all the legislative and execautionary beliefs, to profit everyone in this grand nexus. This the corruption culture of India.


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