Group Dynamics in the higher order societies

      Societies of higher intellect sustain and thrive because of their abilities to work along the Facts , not the beliefs. Societies which are capable of handling evidence and search the truth are able to make the Right Decisions better. This attitude , then , contributes to keep the adherence force between the members of the group and that in turn helps them to survive and prosper.
    Low Intelligence societies have a trouble of lacking specialization , which forces them to resolve issues too many times, by use of Voting. Absence of knowledge of Physics can, as a matter of fact, make the low Intelligence societies to resolve the tangle of "which is easier- Pulling or Pushing?" also to be put to election vote. Imagine the condition of low-intelligent societies where there is absence of knowledge of Law, medicine, literature, arts, philosophy and so many.
    ''Not everything can be resolved by logic'' is the attitude of the low Intelligence societies.
    ''Not everything must be resolved by voting'' is the attitude of the higher intelligence societies.
           To work with a large group comprising of people from different background, Reason and Logic are the best tools. Working with the help of "Mutual Trust"(=Beliefs) will cause interpersonal troubles. Low Intelligence societies see the existence of different background as a natural , insurmountable barrier and therefore see Voting and Majoritarianism as the only way out. The logical correctness of the minorities doesn't matter , as these societies are Mentally not capable of handling of handling Logic and Reasoning. Thus the Majoritarian view is the only path going ahead. As it happens in nature, Majoritarian views need not necessarily lead to progress , but also to fanaticism and other personality disorder ills.
     The higher intelligence societies look to sustain the path of Reason and Logic in their decisions. They are able to contain the Majoritarian views by the Reasoning abilities of the minorities. They know that the Reasoning people are far less in number wherever they are, than the plain plebeians. Therefore , they make it a point to sustain the Reasoning and truth , no matter if it is minority. This presses on the majority to keep correcting itself to avoid becoming the Fanatics. This way, the higher intelligence group/society sustain longer and therefore they progress.


      Groups should be able to create a level platform for type categorization of the information. A question of "is 2+2= 4" (logic questions) cannot be put to Public voting. In question of higher management sciences, such logic question exist which the common people are not aware of. People should be trained to figure out the logic points, the flow of logic - decide accordingly.
        In case of jurisprudence, one cannot put to voting the question of ''should a rapist be given death sentence'', or that ''should a juvenile of say 13 years, be treated as adult for this case''. The logical tangle in each of the two examples is from the stream of Jurisprudence. Since people are not aware of those logical issue, it doesn't mean these questions are subjective which should be decide by voting trends.
       This is the problem of low intelligent societies. The specialization is not sufficient, which forces them to repeatedly seek solution into Elections. At one point these societies develop a 'logical brain unto itself'' to believe that majoritarian way is the only way to progress. They are defeated and decline because of their own inferior brain skills. The higher brain skills are always on the lookout to find the reasonable and technical fine prints even into the subjective issues. The development of sciences and technology is seeded in this behaviour difference. They settle disputes between themselves better and sustain longer and more harmonious.


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