a list of who-the-hell is low IQ, as per we the people.

'What is Intelligence' have seriously had only some inconclusive answers. Gadkari's gaffe has brought out how people think about intelligence. More than questioning about intelligence, IQ or their own disposition on their intelligence, people have chosen the idea around Intelligence to point what they considered was not intelligent in the entire gaffe. Here is a list of how and what people think is unintelligent:

 1) Intelligence is problem-solving ability, and Dawood is no problem-solver for society. Vivekananda was.
2) Indian police and establishment is low IQ to have failed to catch dawood despite a big establishment.
3) Gadkari has been low IQ to have broached the issue at such wrong time of his.
4) Indian people are low IQ to be repeatedly re-electing between Congress and BJP.
5) gadkari is low IQ to be commenting on IQ of people without even knowing ABC of what is IQ and what is Intelligence. BJP is unfortunate to have such a person as their head.
6) media is low IQ to be misrepresenting what gadkari said , which otherwise has nothing wrong in it.
7) People are low IQ to be over-reacting on small innocuous comment.
8) people of India are low IQ to be not understanding the corruption done by Vadra and Gadkari.
9) Jethmalanis are low IQ to not know why Gadkari-ji should be given "support" (a backing despite a forceful evidence of corruption by Gadkari) to fight against the powerful Congress.

more than about knowing what is intelligence, how intelligence can be cultured, groomed, enhanced, we know who-the-hell is low IQ.


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