The limitations of your gratitude to your MNC for giving you an employment

There is an intrinsic connection between the theme of Independence, Freedom and Economic Liberty. It is here that the reasoning of why your argument that ''Let's be thankful to our company, our MNC, for giving us the employment which is so essential to our survival'', finds its limitation. It is here that the fight begins for saving an Employment from turning into slavery. The fundamental premise laid down in the Constitution of India, even expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution, promises to 'secure to all its citizens' the ''Justice : economic, social and political'', and ''equality of status and opportunity''.
All employments are considered to be economic activities. So, the country and its government promises and guarantees in some sorts, to you, your means of survival, although it may or may not not be a highly prosperous one. This is done to ensure your economic freedom so to be able to fight for your rights from your employers, eventually to stand up for your country. It is in these lines of the Preamble that the reasoning resides why Service Bonds are considered illegal against the considerations of having 'provided the employment'. Your employment maybe your survival in your insulated views, but which anyway has been protected by the Government. You need not owe your survival to anyone else further. Your employment is your choice, not your ultimate means of survival. If you cannot understand the implications of the above lines of the Preamble, you are only being an economic Slave, and you are probably running the Slavery Agency of some MNC. You are possibly involved in activity which maybe be called anti-national.