Nationalism is important, but .....

.....But sometimes I think that,

Trying to undo the existing system which has emerged from the historical facts of its own, 

Will lead to severe situation of wars and conflicts all over the world 

When every other nation will start to give a call for nationalism to its citizens,

Resulting in a bloated sense of nationalistic ego of all these nations coming in a conflict with each other, just to prove its point and the superiority ,

It will so happen that nationalism will lead to great distructiion in the world which is already laden with nuclear weapons.

The Wikipedia, under the page about the Narcissism discusses about a variant of the malice,, called as the Nationalistic Narcissism,

 wherein the psychopathic patient starts to get his pleasure trip by boasting about the glories and achievements of his nation, the "ego trips"

To an untrained eye, such a patient may only look innocuous and a simple patriot, displaying his love for his beloved motherland ,

Until the time those situations come around 
When he would demonstrate in his conduct,
 over the matters related , his  psychopathy , when his love will start to come in way of the global peace and stability


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