Why human brain loves Logic

Human brain seeks Logic. Logic is the simplest , sweetest thing a human brain can comprehend. Compare Logic with various Beliefs and the evaluation of artists subjects. The latter vary so abruptly from person to person. The brain faces its greatest upheaval in comprehending them. Logic, on the other hand, is homogeneous, streamlined, can become complicated at times and yet it can be simplified, and most importantly it doesn't ever fall in conflict with our Emotions. Hence it is the simplest and the sweetest of all the kind of the thoughts that a human brain nurtures on.
Justice therefore seeks to establish Logic in the verdicts. This ensures a homogeneous, unbiased or a least unadulterated compliance. The one reason why comparisons are made between two similar-looking choices of action a single person has made is to figure out the logic in it. Because , Logic thereafter ensures a broad , general homogeneous compliance.
Logic ensure a broad censure of the law. It removes scope of bias made hidden in a law.


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