India cannot afford to miss Kejriwal

Have we accounted out all possibilities for the next slaughtering of the Anti-Incumbency wave ?
    Kejriwal's defeat will be a sure sign of the revival of the Congress. How many of us realize this. What's more ironic is that Kejriwal's struggle against the BJP is also going ti set the power game in favour of the third player-which again is Congress.
  I believe and assume that the larger section of Kejriwal's following are the Congress converts. The only reasonable cause of their disenchantment with congress was the extreme Corruption, and the excessive Appeasement factor which resulted into a blatant anti-national conduct of the ministers. This was so much visible in the Congress cabinet of ministers.
  For many of the Kejriwal converts, Whereas Appeasement could have got tolerated for a while, there was no room for anti-nationalism . The appeasement coupled with extreme, blatant shameless acts of Corruption painted the worst, horrible public image of Congress that any political party anywhere in the world would shiver to have. It was like -the coutry has already been sold out to the enemies.
    Now imagine what if Kejriwal fails this time. Since the BJP has become his next target in way of his anti-Corruption crusade, in which even he loses out, he is sure to blow some big damages on the Modi troop as well. Anti-incumbency is a natural,psychological social behavior which anyway is not controllable easily by even the best of the political leaders.
  These two factors will cause the convert to retreat back into the primary fold if the Congress succeeds in giving the illustration of not repeating the previous mistakes.
   So we realize that all that the defeated, wallowing Congress party needs to do in these hours is to wait and watch. The game has natural forces set to bring it back into their favour. They just need to prepare themselves to catch those moments.

   As for others, who sincerely wish the good of their country, the ssuccess of Kejriwal at this point is a necessary condition for getting rid of not just the congress, but also of BJP and the massive systemic Corruption whose seeds lie germinating in the conduct and policies of both these political groups.
   Kejriwal is unmissable "catch of the match" at this hour. You lose this catch, you will miss the 'world cup' for a score generations.


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