Supreme Court inhibits the Transparency

Within a short span of time, the Supreme Court has twice delivered in favour of Privacy and Secrecy, where the Transparency should have been upheld, instead. 
Transparency represents Public Conscience. Secrecy and Privacy provide that necessary Obfuscation which the Corruption so badly needs to keep itself going.
The Supreme Court of India has acted a house of Stupids and Idiots. Its behavior has proven the veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani's criticism of court, that there is an acute ''intellectual bankruptacy'' in the Judges who preside over these courts of India.
India therefore is a proven Idiocracy, surviving itself in the guise of a Democracy. The socio-economy conditions stand as a on-ground testimony to this argument.
  The case of Supreme Court endorsement to CBI Director Mr Ranjit Sinha not disclosing his Visitor's Log on the reasoning of Right to Privacy, and now the same Supreme Court sponsored guard of secrecy to disclosures of Blackmoney account holders name reveal too much about the India government system and the link between the Judiciary and the Executive wings , which betray the claims of Independent Judiciary in India.
Indeed, the official stand in the Government and the Parliament of India in regard to the appointment of Judges endorses the theories of the Parliament that the Executive wing headed by the Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition should have a say in the appointment of Judges of Supreme Court, 'Since the Supreme Court verdicts have a bearing on the Decision made by the Government'.
   Thus, our country is at a point of failure of the administrative system because it does not have two, or more, completely independent Centers of Public Conscience to correct for each other's faults. It is this way that the Political Class stands the tallest, above the rest.

"Intellectual Bankruptacy'' is the new core problem we need to diagnose out, and investigate why the public Conscience which is winning overtime is a crooked, distorted, wicked one. The genuine, moral and ethical conscience is being left groveling in the dust, humiliated.      

For the start, we will have to take notice that our philosophy is controlled by some hypocrites who masquerade away as Spiritual and Religious leaders; those who have least of exposure of cultures and the knowledge comparative studies in various Schools of thoughts. There are hardly any college and universities which offer a curriculum in Philosophy, while some Asaram and Ramdev type ''street doctors''  of various Religions continue to occupy our spiritual thinking Mind.
The system is a failure because it doesn't have Intellectualism. Where Intelligence meets its limitation, the Intellectualism and Rationalism had to take over. What has gotten instead is the emotionalism, which allows for immortality too.
We are a leading stupid and world's biggest ''Idiocracy'', today.


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