A fixed-match is the one having lost its oomph factor, its interest level.

I no more watch Cricket ever since the match-fixing has come to settle in my beliefs.

The core challenge before a Conscience-driven political party, such as the Aam Aadmi Party ,is to demonstrate to the people that **you can be winner by BEING TACTFUL, ALBEIT WITHOUT being Corrupt**.
      This is what the AAP has to demonstrate and prove to everyone.
Generally, it settles out as a common belief that a person who is conscience-driven cannot afford to be Tactful ,to be able to adopt the winning strategies because of the risk of being labeled as Corrupt.
   Therefore, as a last measure, a conscience-driven man or party is lead into depending ,as a strategy,on the winner side themselves leaving the trails of mistake . The conscience-driven is left with the only means-- that of crying and whine on mistake committed by the corrupt winner, and thereof, to collect the support of the losers so to make his victory for tthemselves.
   This is the belief which needs to be cracked and shattered.
In my own understanding it is not an impossible challenge as such. But it requires a huge support of the Public Conscience itself to be able to overcome the challenge. The fundamental crack to this challenge is available from the very fact that the Entrusted Tasks of a Government in a democracy is to create a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD . This condition will force that even if a political party has risen to power by use of combination of "unfair and fair" tactics, it will still have to atleast pretend to be Conscience-driven, and act out the hypocrisy of being Fair and Just throughout.
  This is the catch.
   The Realpolitik inside the group of Political groups is largely about Hypocrisy. The hypocrisy on ground will surely create a vast section of the dissatisfied,"disillusioned", loser population, which should help the opponent political camp to rise to power. Infact,this is what we see as the "Anti-incumbency factor".
   Only catch thing at this point is that If the public conscience can be raised to the level of preventing the "anti-incumbency phenomenon" from making repeated dwindling of administrative powers between the eventual two political groups, then the level playing field for a Conscience-driven man/political group can be created.
    In my thinking, Many of the western democracies have a public conscience nearing this levels to be able to put more effective checks on such forms of anti-incumbency, and the power dwindling.
    Scandinavian countries are in the top order of such a list.
        War against corruption is a contest between Conscience and the Slavery of human mind. Where there is Conscience, there will be free-will and the freedom which the Conscience so regularly demands. Freedom leads to the political system of democracy.
    Therefore, Democracy will become a natural loser too ,if the conscience loses out.
     While the weakness of the Conscience-driven party is so apparent, its vulnerability areas so well known, the best service to the common good can only be by ensuring the victory of the Conscience-driven political group.
  The level playing field between each of us can only arrive when the umpires can be trusted to be the most neutral and objective as one can be. The Governments are the Avatars of the Umpire in this game whose business is to guarantee the level ness of the field.

   Therefore,if you want to enjoy the game, it is in your interest to ensure the neutrality of other factors. A fixed-match is the one having lost its oomph factor, its interest level.


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