Outweighing the Secrecy and the Privacy against the Transparency : A sureshot indicator of Political Corruption

What the accusers have been calling as the "Shoot and scoot" practise, is the tactical "Unmask the corrupt" method suggested by the leading anti-corruption agencies such as the Transparency International.
   By not letting the Public Conscience to play its part in weeding out the corruption, it is possible for a large syndicate of the politicians and the bureaucrats to create a big "Mafia" to run a parallel government in a country where a majority of the citizen may stand in very denial about the existence of such a mafia.

The Supreme Court ruling on the Blackmoney issue , to weigh out the Right of Privacy of Individuals AGAINST the Necessity to Publically Unmask the Corrupt, will only be working in favour of the big mafia which might be holding grips within our country. Such an action will leave more to be answered, than answering any questions which are already raised. 
  The global treaty on exchange of information is meant to provide inter-governmental transparency to reign in the tax evaders. It is shocking that the Government is using, rather ABUSING, the secrecy clause of the same treaty to defend the Corrupt.
The Supreme Court, by making a U- Turn on the matter has aggravated the concerns of the Conscience-driven citizens.
The question now is about how will the Public Conscience ever come to discover the involvement of the Politicians and the bureaucrats, a close nexus between them, resulting  in a "mafia-dom", if there be any.
   The secrecy clause of the west do not infringe upon the Public Conscience either while they to respectfully stand to guard the privacy of individual. There, the political and administrative system is to designed to work in such a manner to let the BALANCE OF POWER achieve the balance of Secrecy, privacy and the transparency. The [live] transmissions of the Court proceedings, the inquisition, the parliamentary sessions, et al the designed to ensure that Public Conscience is NOT left dependent on a "second-hand information".
  Over here in India, the Right to Privacy is being EXPLOITED while the system is already bent and twisted to work more of against the Public Conscience. The powers are lying disbalanced to settle in favour of certain class of "rulers", than for the common man individual.
  What is the way out, now, for the Public Conscience in India to know how trustable is their own supreme court? It has held Secrecy and Privacy more paramount than where a Public Conscience should have been served?
And our court has worked this while citing the enactments of the West-operated laws and treaties.
Will the West like to take the burden of assisting the corrupt Indian system to muzzle the public conscience??


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