Sierra's predicament

Predicament of Sierra is happening from the lack of Intellectual viewpoint that Tipping and Bribery, though they very closely similar , but are still different.
      This refusal to accept this difference is creating the moral vacuum which is making Sierra to endorse the political groups which are indulging in the wrong. What remains shocking is that Sierra scathes the corruption of Party A , while he desires to give way to the Corruption of Party B. Therefore, he is someone who doesn't want a cure, he wants the diminishing.
   However, in ground, there is no way to distinguish between the choice of complete cure AND the choice of diminishing. There is no rational criteria to judge this. It is hypocrisy to even attempt to create a distinction. No ethics, no morality offers to us this distinction.
  But rational and moral thoughts do endorse the distinguishing between the tipping and Bribery. From top notch academia, to philosophers, ample evidences can be shown to prove that Tipping and Bribery are separate human interactions, although very closely inter-linkable.
    The debate of Sierra ,therefore, is rising from the lack of distinction , which is causing in him a moral vacuum, and that in turn, causing him to endorse the political group which is as much grossly wrong as the other political group. The personal outlook, lacking the nuances, is leading to the choice of political group, which is admittedly wrong too.
  I would rather Sierra should for the sake of purging his confusion of morality, avoid receiving and giving of the tips, than to confuse away himself as a morally wrong-doer, and therefore seek defense for himself by endorsing the wrong and anti-social political viewpoints.
   There is a large section of population in India which is having the predicament that Sierra has. Lack of nuances on Tipping and Bribery, is causing in them a feeling of Guilt, to alleviate which they make the choice of going "unHyprocritical ", thus choosing the corruption and Scams of Party B, against those of Party A.
  Overall, this Intellectual deficiency to observe the differences is paving way for Corruption to survive. 


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