Signs of a low-intelligence group

Signs of a low-intelligence group:

  1. Extra emphasis on an issue, which is other wise is very insignificant, trivial. 
  2. Repeat presentation of some matter at every place. Lack of creativity in scrutinizing the issue. 
  3. Incoherent connection of Incidence A with Observation B. 
  4. They generally keep better in the company of other low intelligence people. Every individual in the group shows the characteristics listed over here. 
  5. Words of any person are perceived as a stand being taken on some issue and talks tend to proceed into a fight. 
  6. Extra desire to be seen as humorous and funny, - witty , in short, to establish one's superior intelligence. 
  7. A smaller and obvious cross-question on a matter is presented as though a great wisdom has been chanced upon and which was unthinkable by others. 
  8. The sense of humor : mostly comes from making fun of something, or somebody; has excessive scatological talks, and obscenities. 
  9. The tendency to take the cover of belief; Facts-based inference are negated by putting the contentious item behind the shields of personal belief. Most of the low IQ people often tend to be great believers in god and religious faiths.
The probability of finding an atheist is much higher in a high-educated group of persons than in low-educated and completed illiterate person. Atheism is therefore a phenomenon more connected with Higher-education, perhaps because of the exposure of natural sciences-- gravity laws, evolutionary theories, and scholarship of human behavior.


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