Right Choice and Popular choice democracy

Popular choice and Right choice are two different things. Popularism (aka जनमत/बहुमत) may not be the right (धर्म-संगत) thing. When people of free-will meet, they each have different beliefs. For a community to happen with people of different beliefs, Right path has to be explored which they each voluntarily agree to abide. In non-violent and civil methods, this is done through शास्त्रार्थ/ or the .........Debates and Dialectics (thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis). That is how wisdom is propounded. That is the job of Parliament. Further, specialisation has to harped in to convert a personalo-logic thing to a natural-standard item to overcome the problem of varying beliefs of people. Like, a kilogram can no longer be defined as weigth equal to that of gold bar kept in London Museum. a kilogram, now is weight defined in terms of Carbon atoms. In the last resort, Right path is approxmated away as the Reason-ified path, where the final reason of choice is stated away with room left for adopting new reasons if and when found. Right choice can be approximated as the Polular choice when all the options at the disposal are right enough to be not dismissed out.


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