Philosophical enquiry into the concept of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Having pondered over the terms of Popular Choice and the Right Choice over here, I was trying to decipher the philosophical gap between the two houses that Indian Parliament consist of. The System is very much copied from the British Parliament, which houses the House of Commons (the wisdom of popular choice) and the House of Lords (wisdom of right choice).
The Lok Sabha is based on the lines of House of Commons, while the Rajya Sabha is based on House of Lords.
The election procedure of the members of the Lok Sabha, and the selection procedure for members of the Rajya Sabha speak of the difference and highlight at what the two houses are aimed at.
Thus, the collective wisdom of the nation is a combination of the Popular Choice and the Right Choice.
But since both of these, the Popular Choice and the Right Choice, are difficult to be found on any issue, Popular Choice is often deemed as the majoritist view, while the Right Choice is approximated away as the Popular Choice in the absence of a clear knowledge of what is right. Principaly, the Right Thing is always above the Popular thing, which is why Rajya Sabha is also called the Upper house, while populist choice is called Lok Sabha, or the Lower House. And since the populist choice often prevails over the Right Choice, the lower house is supposedly more powerful than the Rajya Sabha.
The unfortunate trend in India is that even the Rajya Sabha has been politicaly taken control of by the populist people. Sane voices have no place to live in this counry.

And then they say, "have faith in Parliament". Large number of people cannot be made to work in unison on the basis of faith, but truth alone. Because each of us have a different belief. "Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram" is the hierarchy of statement. Truth(satyam) is easier to be found in the matters of Logic than in the matters of faith(shivam).


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