Is the entire corporate world behind the BJP's PM Nominee as the way it is made to appear ?

 Logic dictates that there has to be some kind of a lobby-division among the corporate houses too. In India, the way crony capitalism has delivered itself, there are least of odds that all the corporates were gainers from it while only the common man stood to lose, that too a non-PERSONALISED fund as the "national ex chequer."
   The forces of nature balance themselves out so achieve a stability. Therefore if the losses from corrupt disbursement of India's natural resources were so "impersonalisd" as in the form of " a loss to the national ex chequer" alone, perhaps the corruption wouldn't have been a corruption at all , rather it would have become a solemn national policy. If this government policy is perceived as corruption, it ought to create a disbalance among the corporates too, who, therefore, should the be the first to join the brigade in crying out "foul".
   Some corporate houses have time and again put up their product advertisement meant to lobby the people against the faults and the shortcomings of our governance systems. This is a sign of corporates not happy with the Government Policies. There are big name corporates, too, in such advertising and "public motivations". And surprisingly a few of those corporates too which have themselves featured in the crony gains through the governmental corruption.
   Why would they do so and take such a huge risk of reputation even when they have investment overseas?
     A loss of reputation is all about having a negative perceptions of the self, and then the public and the government scrutiny automatically follows. This, in itself, creates the first of the obstructions in creating the wealth of a trust, which is a necessary ingredient of a successful business.
      Therefore, it can be assumed that the old, settled corporates would not take risk until the business competetions of a changed order of governance, and the business fear of the "cream" vanishing away from the supply market, which forces them to adopt the unfair means. This "Wrong means" is what they resort to, but only when they see the natural oversight mechanism to have fallen down.
   Those business houses which run on the community wealth will have the deepest understanding of this theory. It is a different vindiction of the proposed theory above that all the big business strive to promote themselves as a community alone so to win the hearts. There is a distinct economy and legal logic in this behaviour.
   Therefore it comes as a due self-enquiry that, "will not the corporates want a fair and an honest government systems around themselves?" . Honesty and Integrity have a specialised meaning from the point of view of the coporates regarding the Government Policies. For businesses, "Honest and Integrity" means, "someone who keeps up with his contracts".
   Arvind Kejriwal's message to the CII now makes a better sense, " The governments have no business to be in business". "Many business people want to live with honesty but the government policies don't let them live so". - the natural oversight mexhanism forced on the corporates to take risks on their community reputations.