What does a 'Jugaad' symbolise ?

What does a Jugaad symbolize?
In common public's believes, a Jugaad represents our Innovative ness, our ability to fun-fully modify, indigen-ise a piece of technology; our ability to keep doing a business despite all difficulties; our ability to pull down the high cost of an equipment.
Not many people make a seminary view of what the above holy characterization of Jugaad do on the social arena. India is a country of Ulhasnagar, and Dharavi which have set a bench mark to show what the Jugaad of Indians is all about. In our belief to celebrate our Jugaad we lose the other view of the damages done by it. Jugaad is truely not an innovativeness but our spirit of survival against the odds. But the fight of survival is different from the evolution of the strongest,fittest gene. Our philosophers have suffered a big time failure to demonstrate sufficiently that Survival and Development of person or a society are two widely different path. The visions and beliefs of a survivor man and an evolutionary man are different. Survival of fittest is NOT Necessarily the same as the survival of the best. Sometimes the survival of a species is ensured merely by its large population, and it's enormous reproduction rate.
In the path of Survival, all the laws lie flat dead. Only the fulfilment of own's agenda -remains. A person can go all out to save himself, even choking up his neighbour , his brother for his own survival. The laws do not bind a person in his hours of survival struggle. Therefore, the laws collapse. The best is therefore choked up from survival.
That is trurly the Jugaad philosophey. In Jugaad we have refused respect for someone else's creativity, some one's Intellectual property is made cheap, someone denied the fruits of his hard work. We have made fun , ridiculed some one who had spent years of life to manufacture that product. We lose respect for life, safety and the laws in Jugaad. Jugaad is about confusing up the capital investment with revenue gains. Jugaad is forgery, an adulteration of good piece of creation. Counterfeit Milk is Jugaad, - abundantly available by a underground production and leaves a cross-generational damages on the consumer. It destroys the person and decays the civilization.

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