People's movement..India Against Corruption

India is a land of saints. It is a land of civilization, a land of enormous spirituality, a land of many religions. But what makes us, and the whole world, look at this aspect of India in an indifferent manner is the social paradigm which encircles India all the while-- the social issues : such a female foeticide, dowry, caste discrimination;   the social-political issues such a the systemic corruption; and the Public Governance issues : the Banyan Democracy, the Anarchial Democracy, the victory of the dishonest.

While Indians have often flipped out some pride from the fact that Indians have never attacked any country while itself has suffered attack from the Ghazani,s the Greeks, the British, the french, the Portuguese, if it were not the post World War II era, maybe, we might have been living in immense shame for the generational insult we have had. Nevertheless, time has taken a turn to over vantage while the onus shifts to we the people to take steps to correct up and restart where we had left it out, some 1000 years ago.

the land of spirituality and Philosophy has nothing much to offer to the world in terms of its religious leanings--the Om, the Shanti, the values and the respect. The polluted culture has become a corrupt culture with the enormous freedom that came to it from 15th of August 1947. Liberalism has not come about, where Freedom has come to great extent for all the small-minded people to avail-- to  pass out on the roads and to abuse the Justice through the strength of numbers , and the numbers being generated form the communal identity of the political abuser.

Where is the spirituality? where are the learning of the Vedas ? where is the Bhagwad Geeta? where has the great Indian civilization come? While Anna Hazare and his "team" sat of fasting to bring about some indisctinct law which they call the Jan Lokpal Bill, there are the anarchist Indians mocking around as there usual self, asking, "As if this one Law will change the entire evil of India", "as if sitting of fasting will change the fate of the country"?

The movement has succeeded in making the people question, that is what is important-- to question. How much is the corruption and why is there so much corruption? People are perhaps being initiated to look for it within themselves, and to dig out that 1000 years of pollution which has reached deep into our DNA that we all are convinced we cannot live without it, the corruption. It is a corruption of our philosophy, our soul, our culture , out intellect, our religion.

While we have in course of these 1000 years become a nation of multi-religiosity, we have become low on our intellect to differ out how the Icon-clasm of Islam is not anything different from What the vedas ask , or what any natural law will dictate. At the same time, Islam has become habitual of overlooking the truth , the order of Nature, for want of putting the belief, the faith , the maker of nature above the Nature itself. It refuses to see the maker in his creations, the Nature itself as the Maker, thereof putting to risk the entire order of the system. Indian Philosophy has become a messy cocktail all the conflicting ideologies which have ever reached India. Today, our philosophy is in the same great mess, as the pollution in the Great Ganges on which our Civilization is born. 

What this movement has achieved is to make us enquire, about every thing from our own self. Our lost wealth of knowledge, our lost knowledge of Nayay, our ability to reason, our linguistic development, all those things which make the people peaceful and prosperous. Our common identity as a National, as Indian, will arrive from our common belief, our belief in our common fate. But for that we need to figure out how corruption is eventually an offence on the soul , and offence on the Morality. Morality is the BODMAS rule of Social Engineering by which a man connects up with another. We need to figure out that and we are in need to discover the Brahm  of how peace and order in this world is linked with Morality , and why Shanti is sought by Indian sages for this world for which we revere those saints.

Systems cannot afford to have immoral and corrupt rules-- and the Public Governance systems , the least. If we have to preserve peace we need to bring equal opportunity to everyone. The rising cost of Petrol cannot be seen un-connected with the suicide of the farmers, the increasing cost of living for the service class, and enormous luxury enjoyed by the political ruling class with credit for all the scams in their audit reports. Money cannot be allowed to make a naked dance while others live up or die making their ends meets. There can be no peace without sufficient economic strength to everyone. And an economically strengthened man will naturally demand more political freedoms and rights. That will mean , more participation in the law-making and more transparency in Public Governance. the circle is viciously made from the nature itself. Morality, therefore is the true basic rule, the BODMAS rule of this mathematics of Social Engineering. you might connect up two communities of people by some erroneous mathematics and think of that as social engineering, but the mistakes will show themselves up someday of the other. With enormous love will follow the enormous hatred or a pressure from the other groups which will have to take burnt for the mistaken mathematics conducted in the present social engineering.

The movement has sent the brain on a great search, perhaps that true unending search which keeps a civilization intact and alive. the keeps the people going. makes them keep walking ..up the ladder of evolution.