"Mathematical representation of Decision Making"!! Did you know that??

Here I give the website link of a very interesting page I have found on the Internet. It is pertinent to mention that such pages and methods are part of the MBA Curriculum I am studying in the IGNOU. This is a mathematical proving of an argument presented by it's author, wherein he argues that why Authoritative Decision-making is better than the Democratic Decision-making. 
How many of us, indulging in the mere philosophical conversations of what is the best have ever found in the pure subjects, the mathematics in this case, the proof of what we are arguing for ??

That is the wonder and hallmark of the work, which is why i felt like preserving it and giving it away for the knowledge of the people who did not have any inkling.

Why a Group Needs a Leader: Decision-making and Debate in Committees. by Wouter Dessein
February 2007


Over here I give the screen shot of the concluding remarks of this pure mathematics research.

The vocabulary used, and the how the utilisation of the observations which we all must have noticed to be happening during any decision-making exercise, in this mathematical research paper is what makes it more interesting to read for me. I am not sure how much genuine and cogent this work is, but my interest is only about the approach used.