Debate : Wrtitten homework is educational,

Speaking for the topic 

Homework is what work we get from the School to be completed at home. Many people say that there should not be any home work given from school - written , project styled, or whatever — to be completed at home because, such work make little children to be at loss of time to do their own wishful activities where they may find learning on their own. Many people think that true learning not what we get from the school , but we explore out by ourselves. And so, homework become a hurdle on the path.

Then, teachers argued back that home work shoudl not be given in the form of written work, but instead in some other style, say a project, where there is Application to be done of whatever knowledge the child has learnt in the classroom.

So far , I agree with whatever has been argued by people standing on both the sides. But I would also like to make own addition in this, that the homework in the form of written work is not that mucn a bad idea because we actually do not do project work everyday, everytime. So , basically we are only killing time doing some routine activities which time we can utilise learning in the form of acquiring book based knowledge. A written Style of homework is not a best means of leaning, I will agree, but I am sure you all too would agree that it is atleast one sure, guaranteed format of doing some learning activity.

Thank you .


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