What is this achievment?

Is the achievement only about doing a race with the entire world, and reaching some point earlier than everybody else?

Are we so self-centered, so much self-loving that we are still going to search out some mean "objective" and rush out to label that as our "achievement" in order to be able to tell our story to the world?

Are we going to see in it (#moonlanding) some race event happening and that our achievement being only about getting there first?

And are we always going to see the achievements as something that is centred around our country? Are we so much self-centered?

Tell me, what other thing can you think of for calling out as your achievement ? How important, do you think, it is for you to do show out some achievement in what you have secured just now?

What if we let the moment pass quietly, without calling out any achievment?  


Can we not wait for a while before we tell the world what our achievement is? Can we not be patient enough to give time for something really worthy to emerge out on its own?

Can we not hold our urges?



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