Criticism of the Civil Services in India and what confused role they assume on themselves hampering the proper functioning of the society

The Civil Services in India have been laid on the lines of Caste System only.

And they are, without iota of doubt , unique in the world. 

The passing of entrance exam to the Civil Services is equitable with the "dwij" event of the Caste System.

Once the "dwij" has occurred and the "janeyu dharan" is done, the person is an upper caste for life and forever , and thence he can enjoy all the pleasures even when the rest of the people in the country are crying and dying of poverty, unemployment, calamities.

Just like the how the mandir donations feed the priest and these donations guarantee for the Pandit-class of people that their private economy will stay no matter how hard is the drought in the country ,the civil services get their income from public money , and have a guaranteed private economy, no matter how hard is the inflation for rest of every person !

Pandit Nehru has repeated "Casteism" in a new avatar in the foundational roots when laying down the Civil Services in India.



You will be shocked to know, one of my acquaintance had criticsed the Civil Services after equating it with a modern version of caste system,

But later he himself cleared it with flying colors and then he became silent about this line of criticism.


This had happened about 25 years ago.


The Civil Servants of India, these motherf*cker have "stolen" their training modules from us ! ....the genuine "professionals", and have now started using the terminologies such as "apprentice", "journey man", "sabbatical" !

And have shameless , (plus foolishly ) declared themselves as "professional" merely in the basis that they pay "income tax" ....What madarch*d people !


If someone can dig the authentic history if these terminologies, he will the shocked what "chutiyapa" is happening in India

They earn no penny from the "markets" , it's all from the "public funds", the "govt ex chequer" , and yet they firmly "know and believe" that they are the 'professionals".



Let me tell you another self-denigrating truth about we the Indians,

After the 1857 rebellion, the British understood that such mutiny can become dangerous for their reign  in future . So they thought of a solution, so that a mutiny or a  rebellion , revolution may never happen .

They knew that only those people revolt who have a functional capacity of their brain, known by the term the CONSCIENCE, in the Christian world .

If, in a person , the conscience can be kept in check  , he will be born socially dysfunctional and will live his life in the setup that has been laid to him since he was born !

Great , they found a solution .

The Indian setup was laid by them with this characteristics . Everybody merely follows the order , obeys the command ,

And it is OPENLY AN ACCEPTED ARGUMENT in the Indian courts that any action done by a govt officer in obedience will NOT make him be held liable and guilty.

Whereas the global standards have the NUREMBERG TRIALS whereby the Govt Official is liable for the actions, even if he was merely obeying the orders ,

Indians are dysfunctional sociopaths !

The honest , genuine person is liable to die in the conditions and administrative practices followed in this country.


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