Controversies - An explosion from 'the Expression'

Ours is an era of Controversies. A celebrity sneezes and a controversy explodes. Some people loath controversies as it penetrates into their privacy zones in the guise of Transparency; and some people love controversies as it gives them their much desired shine in the dust.

What is it with the nature of Controversies?

  Controversies are uncivilized primitive format of the basic human nature-- to enq uire and then to argue. As with all the arguments, the heat which it creates smelts away the crude to exposes out the pure metal, the truth. Some people loath the heat and some people think they can play with fire. But in the deepest end of it only the truthful can standout, the one made of pure mettle. The issues of controversy are increasing because people are becoming free. They each have begun to hold opinions. Jimmy Wells of Wikipedia says in India there are twelve opinion per ten persons.
                 While we each hold opinions we are still naive in our decision-making, to know the right from the wrong. The knowledge of the method of evidencing which is essential to doing Justice in the plethora of opinions is becoming more scant. A sure inference, then, is that- rising controversies are a sign of growing Independance-- to be free, to hold opinion and then to express oneself. But the road still has to lead ahead otherwise this will be our collective grave. Justice and evidencing can no more be dispensed off from the scope of our duties on grounds of specialized knowledge. We each will have to hold them as a general knowledge.


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