A mafia in every field ...that is India

Recently I heard about a forum which has named itself - "India Against Corruption in Literature". :-P. It made me chuckle as to how there is 'corruption' in every field. Or, we are just generalising the phenomenon of Corruption?  The forum, although, was about protesting against the lobbyst, the 'powerful mafia', in the Janapeeth Awards committee. 
In my analysis of why there is a 'powerful Mafia' in every field in India, it is not because of presence of money, as, there is money in every developed nation too, but because we have defective idea of social justice. Rather we do not have a common idea of Justice. We do not make a philosophical and scientific query into what is right and what is wrong, in each of our Decision-making and judging. We judge the right and wrong of an issue by voting. Voting require support from people. To help this "support" problem, we like to be cultured and grown-up in the environment of "Boss is right'.  "Boss" become the "lobbyist"- leader. The powerful lobbyist thus have a means, by swinging of the vote-bank, to change our rights and wrongs, and thereof our social justice. The rich and powerful get different justice and the poor and weak have different justice. The lobbyist in each field are the Mafia of that field, the rich and powerful people. Social scientist say that we Indians do not believe in a common destiny for all of us. If 'A' is hit, we think 'thank god I am safe'. We don't relate how we too can get hurt tomorrow if we don't treat the cause.

We require thinktanks to come to life and do a non-partisan research of the rights and wrongs so that right justice may happen. That will set stage for elimination of corruption...from literature too..


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