"Boss is right"- is an anti-nation-hood belief and culture

The axiom of "Boss is right" is not just personally repulsive, it is also an anti-nation-hood belief in a Democractic society.
You see, when the criteria of right-ness shifts away from the ethics of it being right, to the position of the speaker, the justice gets fouled. Thus, what is right and what is wrong is no more objectively decided, but by the influence of who is speaking, how many people support him. Thus if a political party leader takes a stand on an issue , differing from the stand of another political party leader , the eventual idea prevailing and governing the life and destiny of the entire social group, the nation, is no more the justice thing, but the count of fellow-ship of each of the two leaders, whose each fellow-man has been brought up and cultured with the idea of 'Boss is always right'. It is no wonder that we, therefore, have a dynastic political system, whose leaders are born from the progeny, not on the justice-based stand on issues. More issues will rise and more breakdowns will happen resulting in more leaders and more political dynasties. Such a society is likely to eventually crumble, or scrambled over and failed by a more strong society, - stronger either by terms of numbers of fellow-ship, or, stronger in its ideas of justice.


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