The UN Convention against corruption

Here it is.
Much like how the UN sub-org team made legislations like MARPOL , and SOLAS, is another gem from them..UN Convention against Corruption.(which , obviously, India has NOT retified yet).

It is based on four pillars: Prevention , Criminalization , International cooperation ,Asset recovery

And here is the gem, the compendium to UNCAC..the Technical guide the UNCAC.

Here are some commentaries and excerpts from the Technical Guide:

1. It evisages creation or re-structuring an already existent Anti-Corruption body, which should be completely **Independent**. The Guide provides as "Practical Challenges and the Solutions" on how to achieve the standards of "independance' for such bodies on Page 8,9 and 11.
2. It calls for 'specialised staff and training' for such a corruption-prevention body. Page 12.
3. To quote from the Guide, how to keep check on the personael in AC Body:
Page 15:
It may also be advisable to explore ways to monitor lifestyles of certain key

officials. This would admittedly be a rather delicate matter and would need to be

approached with due regard to, and in compliance with, applicable laws for the

protection of privacy. Such monitoring may include looking for telltale signs in

living accommodations, use of vehicles or standards of vacations which may not

be consistent with known salary levels. Individuals’ bank accounts may also

need to be monitored, provided that such monitoring is approved by employees

in their contracts.
4: 'Training public officials on ethics ' !( P.16, the biggest gem and the biggest point, methinks)
5. Transparency in campaign and political party financing (the first step to corruption in public life)
6. Standards of behaviour and codes of conduct for public officials . p.217.


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