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                                                                                                                                 05th April, 2011
Today was national maritime day. It was celebrated (with much fan fare??) in the IGNOU convention centre.
It left me with lots of questions inside. there were many things which were just not matching with how things should ideally be; but there was complete helplessness, chaos, about "what 's wrong with the present event"? It is hard to relate, but I will not want to quit it down, because I feel it is this very narration where our sense of Objectivism, a neutral-point-of-view, should develop and teach us lessons of good leadership, good democratic leader, unbiased, neutral , and just leader...
.........a truly marvellous leader....
............a real master and commander.
to begin with, we first need to develop some trivia, which I will use for further building up the quadrivium.
Rhetoric: a type or mode of language or speech; also : insincere or grandiloquent language

as the function started, the head of the organising committee of National Maritime Day Celebrations(NMDCC) , Captain S (I conform with my policy of 'No names, son'. ) makes a speech. In his speech, he tells us that there was a query with him by a cadet as to why no awards would be given in the Cultural Events which would happen soon after his speech. Capt S , then , through his speech, takes permission from the chief guest to use the opportunity to provide answer to that anonymous 'puzzled' cadet. He says that culture is something which is built upon many many years, and is different for each individual . There it cannot be put to Competition.
Claps and thunders all over there for the beautiful answer that came by. I clapped it too.
But soon enough, the mettle in the statement started to uncover and reveal.
a series of wild thoughts ran up in my mind. How , if I speak those thoughts as a Skit presentation.
Skit 1: If I were  Capt S, and I had to award away prizes for Cultural Events to, maybe this is how I would have justified,...Son, even essays and extempore are result of one's philosophy and linguistics developed from one's culture. But since everywhere these things are put for judgements and thereby for awards,  Cultural show, u would give, are results of your education. We will adjudge these too.
Skit 2: Were I, as Capt S, not to give any award, even for essays and dabates, I would say, 'Son, language is what we get from our mothers. Speaking in foreign language is no acheievment that you should get any award for that.'
Skit 3 : Were i not to give award for a debate,--"Son, u people have not even been to sea as yet, so how do expect to come out with any concrete point so that I may judge you on that. do u want to get award for ur good english only'?"
    Speciousness of the answer by Capt S had began to reveal by itself, however. The first institute presented a show which was about how two 'Jats' from the state of Haryana were teasing a local village girl who is fetching water from a well. It was too hilarious , and perhaps cultural too, to speak an objection. Then , came a guy who adorned very rustic accent of Hindi, and delivered some jokes. the intellect and purpose were far from anything high calibre,. they had purely the entertainment value, tickling the laughter muscle alone, no provocation of thinking mind of the audiences.
The next institute to be take up the stage , came with even a higher degree of cultural potpourri of us. It was a vulgar, double meaning, show of what happened when Akashvani Rohtak interfered with Akashvani Dilli way in 1980's, with two different shows being broadcast-- Women and Family welfare, Krishi darsharn - how to grow potatoes.
I kept wondering -- what was wrong there? Or, if at all anything was wrong there??
an old quotation came to my mind. "Education is what remains when everything that you have learnt is forgotton." Often times this quotation is shown with word Education replaced by Culture. And people do justify the substitution, saying that Culture, in one sense,  is no different from your education.

The first regulation of Colregs, 1972 also circled around. What was the summary of it? I spoke to Captain V, isn' the first rule that local regulations will prevail over the international ones.
Captain V, immediately replied , yes, but local regulations also have an obligation to be as closely conforming to the international ones as it can.
How much did it apply on the case of cultures? Don't the cultures collide too, unless some steps are taken help theie conjoining.

Then, what can be the remedy to prevent this 'mishap' from college students in the name of cultural shows?
 And the remedy has to conform to the natural principles of justice, honor human rights as also conforming to principles of democracy.
You cannot say a straight 'no' to it, for people have a right of expression and take pride in their cultures. You cannot insult them. You cannot bann them, control them, regulate them, scrutinise them.
Perhaps all that one can do is to advise them, influence them motivate them.
So how would the NMDCC do it next time. here I attempt to make a possible guideline to reslove the entangle.
1. Provide a written advisory to all the participating institue telling what all surfaced as an opinion among the audiences after the function, in the previous celebrations.
2. What would be appreciable, and what may not be: example: Vulgarity, double meanings, crude native cultures shows ( as , the world-travelled aducience may not feel conformatable with such shows).
Defining a term, for example, "Democracy", "Appopiate", etc by the exculsions of it makes it more convenient for one to understand what these terms might be including.
3. To learn and appreciate that education brings about a change in one's culture. The shows should, if they can, showcase the good education administered by the faculties in the institutes.
4. Try being creative, instead of just presenting the 'hollywood--bollywood songs saga'.
5. Cultures compete under some natural laws, or Darwin's evolution principles. but maybe humans have chosen not to aggravtae that natural happening competition .


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