A debate blog tracked, -How India's Average IQ stands at 81..should or should not?

An interesting read on how Avg IQ of India was put at 81, by Dr richard lynn.

The post is a VERY VERY interesting read, and the debate that follows is even more interesting. Steve's original post , here, (http://www.vdare.com/sailer/india.htm), makes an interesting comparison between India and China in his attempt to deciphere the low IQ reported by Dr Richard Lynn and Vanhanen's IQ and the Wealth of Nations. Steve, further, tries to interpret the avg IQ score of Indian, and surely for the benefit of potential investors in Indian markets, by dividing India into North and South-- a geographical divide, and the Caste groups with Brahmins on top of the pyramid-- the social divide. One of his critic further very zealously adds the vast followers of Islam in India also a very very influencing causes for the Avg IQ score of Indians.

Apart from what has been said and debated in the above links, I , on my own, attempted to track the actual status of Avg IQ by my personal observations. I begin with a feeling that Dr Lynn may not be as much incorrect in what he reports, as when I look around for traits of them, i find the low IQ signatures far more.
The quest begins with a look into Bollywood. It has a saga of producing those same run-of-the-mill stories , and more shockingly they quite often become a hit-- more cause being ther reasons such as cast, banner, locations, songs, etc.
The same goes with the song lyrics. Quite often the pattern of ryhme is same or preditable in them.
The history of India shows a lot of cultural confusion resulting into the average growth direction being seriously retarded. There is vedic dharma, followed by Islam, followed by Chritianity. It all leads to our culture fostered IQ to come low. Heavily.
And then last but important, the social stratification, which has become hugely caste biased, resulting into a huge population propotion of the backwards and dalits. The forwards are only oppertunity based gainers, whereby even they can often be overlapping, atleast economically, into the backward groups, on occasions. There is little or less doubt that whatever high IQ is there can mostly be traced to the forward caste groups, but the lower castes have huge population , thus bringing down the score.
In the current , Software and IT -cult of India, the flynn effect is surely working at a very high propotion whereby the score might see a dramatic change in the next , if ever, study conducted on the same matter.  


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