The Arguments within: Skit: Dream Chasing

The Arguments within: Skit: Dream Chasing This Skit was finally put down, for want of brevity, humor, and purpose. That led me to find out more about what is a skit so that some modifications caould be done , so that deep in future it may be used up elsewhere.
Here a few ideas on skit I have thought of, :

1) A skit to show that a young school student joins Merchant navy to escape from education, thinking that life as seafarer is all about seeing the world, sightseeing, having fun, good money etc, but the facts slowly turn out that It was even more heavier learning process, because the modern seafaring is very sophisticated, heavily regulated with lots of rules (e.g D & A policy, quick turn arounds) -- so no 'having fun', no time to go sightseeing, and lots of exams and courses, so no money left.!

2) A skit to show that even after a class room introduction of rules, people are able to derive fun from ignorance of young cadets for having experienced with is taught through the books. In summary the 'Knowledge know-to', cannot substitute for 'Knowledge How-To'.

A cadet is told about the SOLAS, LSA code ,and Capacity of LifeBoat criteria, and when he goes on board, his seniors misguide him to write an emotional appeal to ship captain to allot him a seat in life boat, for the girth-at-waist size he provides to the captain in his letter. The captain looks at the cadet, understand the secret farce for once, and attempts to make it a memorable event for the cadet, by asking him to provide the center point of the 'girth-at-waist'.

3) A skit to show learning at class room level is about knowing how things work, but practises on board are all about filling the checklist,, recording the data. E.g, in Bridge equipment , a fersh cadet is taught how a radar works, but when he goes on board, he sees a radar, which is as simple as operating a TV or a DVD, but the heavier task is to everyday fill up the Radar Log , and so many other log for all the equipment-- a echo sounder log, a compass error log, a VHF log, a moment book, etc


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