Idealism, and the net account of the Compromises and Sacrifices

     An Idealist can never come to power in a vastly opinionated country as our. I guess he should neither even be coming over.
    However, the bitter truth of life i wish to remind the readers of this post  is that no able and successful leader can afford to make expansive departure from the IDEALS either. Indeed, the minor unavoidable departures that one has to make is what is truly described in philosophical terms as PRAGMATISM. Many foolish people in our country think that meaning of Pragmatism is about being Conscience less. Indeed, Conscience-less condition is truly a Psychopath, which can only yield cruel, deceitful , autocratic person whom many other foolish people may mistake for an able, successful leader.
    Party Politics is surely about making compromises. But then Politics is the art and science of Good Governance. All the People can be fooled, but not always and neither for ever. Hence, a successful leader is one whose compromises don't go into his soul of changing the objective of Good Governance. People who sacrifice while yet making the compromise make a better leader. It is time we begin to teach our own thoughts the near aaccurate reasons for when one should make a compromise and when one should make a sacrifice. The judgement is truly an art, and more a matter of public perceptions.
     Given the electoral successes being enjoyed by Kejriwal, and the drubbing being given to Modi, i can say that public perceptions of Kejriwal's Compromises and Sacrifices is better than that of Narendra Modi's.