Anti-Reservationism --- the modern form of social discrimination

There is a culture of Anti Reservationism within certain institutions in India. These institutions openly and brazenly ridicule the policy of reservation set by various legislature as if reservation is the cause of all the social disbalances and the ills that this country suffers from. It is shocking and dismaying that what these institutions hold is in conflict with the desires of the legislature, and yet there has never been cry about such a conduct ever.
   Supreme Court of India is one such Institution at the top of the list who has often spoken and given commentary on the ills that the policy of reservation brings along with it. But much to the surprise of the downtrodden people, this supreme Institution of justice has perhaps never made any commentary which may stand in line with the will of the legislature and thus reveal to the general public the need and purpose of the reservation policy.
   The reservationist on the other hand have truly always been timid and guilt conscious about that extra length of rope they have been given and therefore always acted defensive on the matter. So bad has been the state of affairs that the general public in India is almost unconscious of the core reason why affirmative actions have been regularly chosen as appropriate path in various nations of the world, to offset certain historic and cultural disbalance in them.
    Anti-reservation has afforded to stand with audacity of a denialist as if no historic wrongs have ever happened with our country. Many people and organization, particularly the defense forces, the judiciary and medical fields take pride in showcasing that they don't suffer from the ills of reservation policy, but they do not like to reveal to the public their data on how much level-field their organization have fared with regard to those offset which the Reservation policy seeks to redeem.


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