Origin of the word "Jugaad"

Jugaad, recorded as " जुगाड़ " , in the native variant of Hindi around the regions of Western UP and in the Haryanavi dialect , from the proper Hindi word  Jugat , " जुगत". Jugat, in turn , in an improper word for it's parent Sanskrit word Yuktयुक्त . 
Yukt has two meanings in its original Sanskrit form . It means a carefully planned, schemed, arrangement to achieve an objective. Towards this meaning, the usages are like,  "कुछ युक्ति लगानी होगी /  " (meaning, we will have to apply some brain, some scheme to achieve this objective). In this context , the most common of the scheme that would be adopted would be the team-work, the co-operation of everyone's body and mind to resolve the crisis situation. 
     The other meaning of Yukt comes in the form of a suffix, wherein it mean "laden of", or, "involved with". Like in the case, " यह दोष -युक्त वस्तु है / " (this object is filled with faults ). 
  Yukt is an adjective form for the word, Yog, which in turn, has two meanings. Yog means "a sum-total of ", and the other implying the breathing exercise which originated from India, the Yoga. 
    Yog , alternately means, "an arrangement, a configuration. ". Yog is also a source word for Yogna which is "Planning, or, scheming" .
            In short, as the word Yogi transformed into Jogi, the same way, Yukt transformed into Jugat, and thence to Jugad