Politics - the means of controlling the Fate

Fate is something that happens to us when things are beyond our control.

But the smart human minds know it that there can be ways -maybe extremely cumbersome, maybe requiring extreme cooperation between the humans, — to bring those uncontrollable things within some reach of controllablility. It is possible, sometimes to achieve some degree of control over the Fate, but by employing those means which are themselves not easy to be met by ordinary human efforts.

It is here that the smart thinking humans begin to feel the necessity of organising their society in such a nanner that the human efforts are always kept gathered up, and ready to be deployed as and where required . 

This organisation of the society by which one can quickly harness men and material to work for a pre-intended action from where we can attain a certain degree of control over our common fate, is termed as Public Administration.

The Public Administration is in itself having its handles for control by another means , which is termed as Politics .

Thus politics becomes that ultimate means whose one of the core purpose may be understood as a handle for controling the common Fate.


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