Why Autocratic countries stop making scientific and technological progress

(This post is copied from somewhere on the Internet) 

 Autocratic states are NEVER able to keep pace with the scientific and the technological progress made by the Liberal Democracies. 

 There is a sound explanation why so. 

 In an Autocracy, there is in-built burden to promote people based on the POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS alone, and not the Technological Competency because a Technologically Competitive person MAY NOT BE politically supportive, favourable to the ruling Autocratic class. Thus lots of innovative thoughts and ideas get nipped in the bud by the Autocratic people, resulting into the lag. 

 Autocracies have in their elite business class only the GENERAL MECHANDISING and GENERAL PROVISIONS sellers & traders. Why so, it is so obvious to understand. And they become dependant on Espionage and Surveillance for getting their hands at the scientific Information.


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