Both- the Faith and the Sciences can make the man Ignorant!

The quirky challenge before human mind is to continuously make distinction between what is POSSIBLE and what is FEASIBLE .

In resolving the problem, some people fail more often than the others. And it is those failed people who are called the ignorant ones by those others.

The continuum of POSSIBILITY spreads to infinite , just like how the universe is spread. The boundary of FEASIBILITY is ever shifting , just like how much farther the man-made space craft has travelled till today. People who lose track of the boundary, they become the ignorant ones.

Now , the INFINTE realm of POSSIBILITY exist at both the places - In the Sciences , as well as as the Faith .

So that is the commonality between the Science and the Faith. That , man can fooled and be brought into ignorance using either of the two - the Faith , as well as the Sciences !!

Astonishing, isn't it?👌
That , even the Sciences can make a man ignorant !


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