Carrot-and-stick technique, Feudal Narcissism and our desire to win medals in olympic games

Highly feudal narcissist that we are, carrot-and-stick is the only method of men management which is known and practiced in such societies.
"Carrot-and-Stick" is the summary of the reasoning why we don't invest in the sports earlier while we reward so generously after the medal is won.
In feudal societies , which are inherently narcissist too always, "free carrots" are not allowed to be lying around. the "feudal lords" see that as "wastage of resources". The feudals... think that they are the owners of the social resources , and hence cannot allow it to be freely available. They use the carrots to reward the "better performing" people who otherwise deserve a stick in their backs. Carrot-and-stick saves the spending of large amount of carrot, for achieving a "small success". Carrot-and-stick kills free spirit, innovation, but then the feudals don't care. They have enough carrots to buy away the new from outside. It is merely a lip-service by our feudal lords to be seen wondering and questioning why we lack innovation or why we don't enough Olympic medals per population.


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