If the Indians were to write the MARPOL, STCW, SOLAS ....

The culture of Indians is of a low intelligence group, where people hold more opinions than their population. Indians, being intellectually insufficient, are not able to derive justices on issues. Therefore, they invariably always fail to make decision by logic and reason.Eventually, they resort to Populism (decision making by a populist vote) as the only method of delivering the justice.

Resorting to populism: when logic and reason has failed.

This behavior is analogical to : Some people say A has committed crime. Others say that he has not. "So let's decide by voting whether A has committed crimes ir not."
Instead of calling for scientific investigation, forensics etc , we Indian have the method of, first, creating a confusion scenario around a point. And then looking to untangle the confusion by calling for Vote. Perhaps, to this we may even mis-apply another fundamental tenet of "innocent until proven guilty" to help the criminal escape from clutches of law enforcement.
This is Indians' IQ.

Sometimes I imagine how the MARPOL, STCW and SOLAS were written if Indians were at the helm of affair. Infact, more interesting would be to imagine how the MSC(maritime safety committee, a technical body setup by IMO for scientific solution-finding) would have functioned if Indians had made up its "expert panel".
1) Closing the scupper will retain oil from going out. But it will also Prevent rain water from draining out. Master of the vessel shall decide which all scuppers be opened or closed during loading discharging. He may call for voting if unable to decide .
2) Air conditioning in re-circulation mode makes life inhospitable inside the accommodation. Therefore, Air conditioning to be put on re-circulation on choices of the Master. If people disagree with the master, he may resort to voting. If there is no clear agreement between the crew too, the decision will return back on the master to proceed to do as he wishes.
3) If there is no clear vote, master must proceed to do as he feels like. "Crew has the habit of barking out on all the issues".
4) Master shall go by popular voting when to lower life boats , if everyone's personal convenience is not being meted out .
5) Master shall ensure that all crew are given due rest. He will decide when which crew will sleep and for how long.

Subjective approach to solution-finding for Technical problems. No room for Logic, and bye-bye the Reason.
If it were left to the Indians, the technical body MSC would have become synonymous with what we know as the Election Commission, and even the technical knowledge found have been subjected to Election and Voting to be able to find acceptance among the people.
Scientific journals and Research Papers too would have met the same fate. Perhaps Baba Ramdev would have hopped onto accord final approvals to the Medical research papers. His stereotype behaviour would have been to steal credit for someone else's research efforts while disapproving the actual scholar of his work. Ramdev until so far has only partaken to Indianise, force-ably harmonise thr neo-age scientific progress to some mythical Ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, "already known from olden times".
In the maritime field too, we the Indians would have done just whatever we so regularly do in the garb of Yoga and Ayurveda.


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