Why do we always take up a cause like a lobbyist?

Why do we always take up a cause like a lobbyist? Are we humans born a lobbyist by nature?
Or it is the basal attitude which changes as the living standards improve and the evolution happens?

Perhaps the latter. Talking about the avtaar of man--the-component-of-the-system, to form a good peaceful society, he must have robust arguments on his choices of the right and the wrongs. With that basic knowledge, he should deliver the justice to every party involved in a conflict each of which is lobbying for his own interest. Thus man is originally, that is, by his natural born state a lobbyist; some one who is meant to follow his own dreams alone without having any regards for how others are affected by acts. But to become the man--the-policy-maker, he should evolve to the higher plane of justice and keep an all round knowledge of other interest groups and their concerns. The legitimacy to their concerns should be awarded through empathy awareness and the basic understanding of the rights and the wrongs.
         I am talking about this because in recent days I am coming across the problem where the entire system is complaining of being helpless while some of the things are happening incorrect in the good knowledge of everyone. No body is responsible, nobody can be easily held responsible, no body can stop what wrongs are happening, BUT everyone agrees to the fact that it is wrong. It is Infact a very common sight in the government organisation where no body can say who made that wrong decision and why did no one correct him?? They all complain of their diminishing 'powers', (as though power comes out from a magic wand which is suffering corrosion due to lack of paint maintenance). Slowly everybody has started to lobby up for his own cause and the in-fighting in near future signals of  breaking- out. No body knows the why's of what is happening while everybody has a complain for something wrong which they point to , to be happening.
   By my basic understanding of the rights and the wrongs, I am inclined to award the legitimacy tags to each of the complains; sensibly all of us will. But the problem further up is never explored by anyone. 'if it is wrong, they is it happening and no body is stopping it?' Nobody maintains an all round knowledge on the matter, while some of them pretend to be holding them through some ignored or overlooked pieces and weblinks of some news stories. But those news stories do not provide the essence of the justice behind the question that we have primarily asked. That, whatever wrong is happening is essentially a justice delivered from somewhere from some conflicts. What is that occurance to which the present wrong is the justice??
             The philosophical query of what is the idea of justice comes up, and then I notice that all the people I meet are indeed still living their life on the basal plane of being a lobbyist. Which is why that basic cause has escaped detection from everyone's knowledge ,and now perhaps from the documentary records too. We all are preserving knowledge but of the kind which serves our interest, and helps us improve our lobby. Thankfully, in this war of the lobbyists all the lobbies are still intact and the cause can be re-detected through slow and peaceful interactions with all the lobbies, and the final justice be dredged out again , to know why the present wrong is happening. Only that it is a time taking work and has to be done personally without any support from the organization.
In the mean time, the lost causes will become the cause for more damages of the future.


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