Critical view of movie 3-IDIOTS

Critical view of movie 3-Idiots

i saw it too, and i must say i do NOT approve it as much, surely after being through the groundwork book on this, FPS. God's grace that chetan didnot pursue hirnani and team for too long to claim his commendation, because the movie is much off his work and also the movie is not at all as intelligent in nature as was what chetan has composed. And most of all, the movie is very fictitious in nature to be sensed by human intelligence, more by making a theme line of bashing the education system, whereas the book sounds more realistic to appeal to the reader and surely by not highlighting any particular item on the writer's whim but describing a course of life/lives where mistakes vaciliate sides moment by moment.
I Wish that indian masses could understand the same someday

The movie should not have used the reference of that wonderful book to garner commendations for itself. In its independence self, the movie is nothing but another run-of-the-mill bollywood movies which fails to show the depth, causes, exact nature and realistic menifestations of Systemic errors, although it hovers around the same stuff to draw its patrons. In one sense it is like a mithun chakraworty work which almost always depict the rich oppressing the poor, and that too by way of physical hitting, abusing etc and poor to be right always. ! they are highly biased work. In 3-idiots, the plight of the professors is nothing too different, and they have been literally ridiculed as though they are the antagonist of good education system, or they have never contributed anything to what our system has achieved even after its several faults. The critics have cast big question on that and i would want to support them.
In another reference, it raises questions about the intellect and abilities of our film makers also, apart from our public. The citizens are going to be as good as its art-workers would be, the latter who feed the good thoughts and imagination of a big crowd in one go. The under-ability of filmmaker to understand and inability to send the right and balanced message through the art of cinema will become cause for depredation of high intellect work in Indian society. I am concerned about that. The book was not all about the bad education system, but also about some students taking the depravement out of their own inter-influence and becoming another bad lot, while agreeing that system was no good either and hence merit of the high performing students that this bad system produced also being questionable (about what have they contributed to nation-building). The movie makers have slipped away that big point, thus taking the movie into the realms of fantasy work, which the bollywood is infamous for.
Thankyou. :D


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