About Psychology

About Psychology
I have not taken an formal lessons in this area of study, but sitting back I was pondering if it is so necessary to have formal training to assert any claims pertaining to this subject. I would say a ‘No” to that. Psychology is a subject under arts group of philosophy. Although some topics such as Neurology and others- depend upon scientific researches, psychology is very amorphous in nature. Any person can rise up to claim some degree of hold in some minor area of this, which should be agreed by others, unless reasons.
What the claimants don’t understand before putting any such claim is that they should also have done some self-diagnosis in light of their area of expertise. Many people, that I see on ship, often ‘predict down’ the behaviour of somebody else, but often with an intention of fortifying self against any upcoming thought, appeal or a proposal , so that it may be turned down. This is not a right way of conduct by anyone who is putting up the assertion of being an expert in someone else’s some peculiar behaviour.
In first place, the claimant is stealing away the freedom of expression of his subject. Then, the insensitivity which is developed as a result of study, ends into some assumptions actions -- the preconceived notions.
School students imitating their teachers; office staffs copying their boss; the mockery artists--these all people fall victim of this phenomenon-- a prisoner of their own device. Who else can better expound this thought than the great BigB (Amitabh Bachchan) himself. (scathed in his silence, scathed in his speech- by media men).
‘Playing a coy’ is the key thing these people sometimes skip in haste to learn the art of behavioural reading. One should be very cautious in displaying this piece of art, lest it boomerangs. There is humor, there is a mark of understanding- but there is also some venom.


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