Lt Sushmita Chakravarty commits suicide. That was the news yesterday. Hulla over it all over in the news. Wondering, I m. Case reports- she had given resignation but was denied. I m sure she must have felt like a shackled captive. And no other way to get her freedom than this inhuman way! Whose fault..her or the system.?? I m myself undergoing one such similar case in my professional life…that of abandoning my ship. Was I wanting to do it..or was I forced. What emotional turmoil did I undergo before I committed it. I know it for sure. Sitting alone in a chair looking into nowhere, thinking contemplating the available options, the consequences, the numerous explanations to be given to authorities to justify my move and to convince my own self. Wasn’t easy at all. Loosing away all my senses, my thirst my hunger my thoughts my dreams my smile.
Alongside there was a news that UP chief minister gives away rs 500 unemployment allowance to some 52000 strong graduates of UP. And then that arsehole utilizing it to meet his political ambition by promising rs 1000 on being re-elected! Wat son of a bitch! Unaware of such suicides, such abandonments and such acute shortfall of skilled people in thousands and thousands of job in our country which require just a little over normal level of competence..or better say the actual normal because what we have prepared are sub-normal workforce good for nothing. SCI says they lack some 10000 people for ship manning. Defense says 11000 people and I m sure similar is the case in all other departments also because what we have is a daunting array of engineers and doctors looking or hunting around for jobs. There is under-employment and disguised employment….say an electrical engineer working in a BPO!! Then why did he study electrical engg when he had to work in BPO. And then where are the geologist to study India’s earth structure, geophysicist to study and predict a tsunami, and archeologist to discover our history, an anthropologist to study our social origin. How many times in our lives do we come across such people. How many such worker do we know in our environment. I don’t know a single..history only by my school teacher, anthro only by those civil services aspirants. All vying for docs and engg job we poor hungry Indian. Mohd Kaif or Tendulkar could make it to great spot so life has got cool for them otherwise they may better state the heat or burns of their formulation years. Macaualy taught us English so that we could help then, the goras , in their administration. And we continue the same tradition..creating a senseless un-required engg and docs.
Oflate some prodigious changes have been seen..starting of vocational course by delhi university and delimiting the number of attempts of IIT entrance. Let’s hope some better days arrive for the future generation.
Coming to that sushmita suicide case..that bloody damn cute chick…really sad to see it. Armies have their own Acts to govern them. But can’t they delve a bit into some labour laws and social agendas to guide them in their decision making. She wanted to quit. Couldn’t they just relive her and called out ‘Next’ we have so many people around. Why this ego of asserting themselves to get their discipline extracted from their people. It’s a voluntary submission in the service of our nation or a forced regimentation to prove the strength of our Defense? And to whom and why in the existing circumstances! We are not at war with anybody at present...she could have been given leave. She was visiting a psychiatrist for her agony. I don’t know what happened there but I think the visit itself was a good indicator to say the things were not all alright. Action was needed. How freely and fairly was the psychiatrist working on her to give her her desired solution and not to impose the army ego on her. To force her into submission of an army regimentation and that shit self-praising “ we are the best ,India is the best” stuff. Were these considered in her case?
I just met my neighbour pal just now commissioned into army after passing out from IMA. He says that it’s because girls dot get adequate training. Just nine months for an SSC candidate which sushmita was. Wondering a more prolonged or intense training would help anyway. He is himself through that NDA scheme so believes that his stuff may be more toughened than other people because they undergo the most rigorous schedule. He may be right. How much does our lifestyle and peer pressure contribute then? Sushmita, we both noted was a bright candidate with an MSc degree. So she might be having greater expectations in life? But then what? Our army couldn’t provide her one? Ain’t the armies required to have brighter people. Can’t they deliver to expectations of such people. Have we achieved everything that we don’t need such people. So how do we handle such case. Stiff induction procedures not giving many chances to follow your call later on in life? That’s what our Indian system is all about. Choose medicine or engg not even knowing what all these courses encompass. Just go by social pressure..see who is faring batter than whom; who can earn how much. And that’s how you decide. Commerce and arts is a failure’s stream who cannot take up maths and biology. That is India’s thinking. Later in life when you discover your true vocation you are late sir. No rooms. You have passed your age. I remember the case of my classmate Om Prakash who was an excellent student in maths but chose biology on the reasoning that engg require somebody to employ them while a doc can do a private practice also! So study Bio, be a doctor, no job hunting later in life. Immaterial for now that he ended up doing nothing of these later in his graduation. He did Arts instead, may be to join Civils!! Wondering I m myself as to how I myself landed up in merchant navy!? I remember my causes of decision pretty well but still trying to weigh out what contributed how much. Social pressure and domestic pressure the max I think. I just wanted to run away from my home. No not definitely from studies. I had just found a new love with them. Rajat my subordinate cadet wanted to flee from studies. He was tired topping both UP Board exams and passing the IIT entrance. But only momentarily I guess. He is back in the books now. Are we not pressed to achieve everything too early in life..the sooner the better! We all think so. So what better lifestyles do we expect? Rush rush everywhere. By the age of 60 we are worn out while for the whites life is still at its bloom. A slave remains a slave no matter what you do. I remember that story ‘gulaam’ by rajendra yadav in hindi book. Truly said. A painted jackal cannot rule unless he gets to lick his master, Lion’s feet everyday. We can’t improve our life unless the british or the whites teach us how. Our Colonized mind. Govt has come a long way, done so much but people don’t accept it. Traffic signal light is a big problem for untrained lucknowites. Give reservations and unemployment allowance-- but not primary education that some optimal quality may arrive to save such suicides.


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