Complacency and Seafarers

Perfection is a state which has never been awarded by almighty and neither been achieved by mankind. However a workable perfection, sometimes called 'Approximation', has often been achieved by man through a 'clever management'. Clever management can be described as a result of human intelligence and intellectualism. The GPS technology giving geographical positions to accuracy level in centimeters,the Law Court awarding death penalties, are a few example of what perfections can be achieved. Perfections in Ship operations management is no more a distant dream even when there cannot be a perfect ship and a perfect man. There can be a 'workable perfect' team of managers if the visions are correct. How much can the public governance be an exemption?
The understanding on the matter of Perfection has a role to play in understanding what is Hypocrisy, while we accuse of our incumbent governance system and our cultural values of having Hypocrisy. Plainly speaking, Hypocrisy is a lie, as observed in the law. Person 'A' is not a hypocrite if he promotes Prohibition of Alcohol even while *admiting* of himself as an Alcoholic. However, 'A' is a hypocrite if he promotes Prohibition while not publically accepting his own alcoholism. (additional note, how self-admission affect the matters of hypocrisy.) In matters of attending perfections, (e.g. the Ram-Rajya in governance, or, maybe a perfectly liberal state of Democracy), Hypocrisy is truely lying in refusing to attempt to achieve them for the reasons that perfections cannot be achieved, through a self-admission. Hypocrisy, in matters of achieving perfections, is not in attempting to achieve perfections while knowing that it cannot be achieved and still "(sort of) making fool of people" to work for something which can never be reached, the perfections. Here Belief holds superior to self-knowledge.Such is the irony of Hypocrisy perhaps because the social goal of governance has been set for infinity for 'conglomeration of people' to exist for such times.
Complacency is a situation where Perfections have been achieved and nothing more is required to be done to further perfect the system. In another shipboard training, Complacency is narrated as the Auto-pilot mode of life, comparable to a well-trained vehicle driver who as a result of mundane works of driving, becomes mechanical, thoughtless and therefore less safety-conscious. Seafarers are often cautioned to not become complacent which is to mean that they should not fall in belief of safety procedures being fully achieved, life being fully secured thus to grant luxury to work thoughtless, mechanically.
In religion, Complacency means 'inner tranquility'. The Buddhist faith strives to achieve the tranquility by elimination of all desires. Towards this interpretation, Complacency is a state that humans and religion aspire for.
Complacency however remains a managerial challenge and not an individual challenge. This is because the state of complacency in an individual arrives normally when he has achieved his state of workable perfections in his job. He has then reached his comfort zone of doing the task. Warnings of complacency, and methods to overcome it should not destroy his comfort zone. And at the same time self-knowledge cannot be full cure for the problem of human nature. Tiredness cannot be treated by merely informing that 'you are tired now'. So is boredom. In vehicle driving job, the constant reminders of safety procedures over Radio Channels mixed with soothing music serve to do overcome complacency.
In The study of accidents, the summary is that 'Most accidents are caused due to human error'. This managerial lesson and how it transforms ill-meaning on its application on Individual, is a case to study. With this report in their arms, many ship managers raised an alarm to their crew. When an accident happened, they would begin an exercise to find a man to put the human error on , because 'mostaccidents are caused by human error'. The story of complacency is not going any different route. To serves the needs of cut-throat business competetion (and evils walking-in, laws being secretly flouted), Managers get the seafarer to make papers to show all trainings are going well, the planned maintenance being fully achieved, and all legislations including the Rest hours being all achieved. Later, warn the sea farer of becoming complacency, And when accidents happen, to charge the seafarer of being complacent !! Obviously, what the ship managers imply is that "bloody Seafarers have stopped working", otherwise why else would every record would show a perfect compliance?
Complacency warning had effectively aimed to destroy the comfort zone of Seafarers, besides the issues of Leadership style, and the inter personal-relations.