Teaching of Civics and History to the students in India - a defect in our education system

 In the Education System, we are spending more energy in teaching the history around the development of the Constitution, which unfortunately doesn't bear any lessons or perspective to reveal to the learners the foundation of those legal principles which are enshrined within the Constitution.

Thus, we are not spending a single dime of efforts to ensure the robust implementation of the Constitution by our generations. Instead we are spending energy to teach those topics and events of our History which can , at best, be used to Itch the old wounds and make them worse.

I am firmly of the opinions that secondary school level teaching must bring certain changes in the curriculum of  History and Civics, and start teaching about the foundation /history behind the Legal Principles by which the high ideals of the Constitution can be implemented by the students by practising the values in their day today lives.

The workplace harassment, the unfairness is a very casual event within the Indian social space . And these things are happening because the Indian laws are still too much lacking to protect the innocent , to prevent the harassment. Justice , within Indian set-up , is repeatedly becoming Political, rather than procedural . That is why "politics" or an undesired clubbing of people happens in order to protect their interest against those whom perceive as the offender.

And why is the Justice always political in an average Indian social Club? 

Because people do not have basic knowledge of the Judicial principles by which they should conduct their business and professional relationship .


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