Ishrat Jehan Killing Disclosures...a test for Indian Judiciary

Dear Mr Justice,
    With due respect, I wish to raise a few questions to the entire judiciary of India about the Ishrat Jahan killing case.
   As i hear the revelation and disclosure made by the retire bureaucrat, I am reminded of an old play i had read during school years, Saint Joan, written by playwright George Bernard Shaw. Ishrat's fate in the public eye is seeing same kind of swing as did that of Joan of Arc from France, both the women suffering it post their killing. Joan was at first burnt alive at stake at the behest of the Inquisition who had declared her a Witch. But soon after they realized the political necessity of it, a second Inquisition secures her redemption directly into Sainthood. Such was the judicial process which the school board wanted us to know of and to think over. Judicial process'es greatest fault, my school board made me realise through GB Shaw's play, was that it was closed door, closely guarded, and therefore fully susceptible to the influences of the politity and the church.
  Over here, in Isharat Jahan's killing i see a striking similarity, except that her fate in public eye is swing from 'Bihar ki Beti' to a Terrorist Operative. The trial continue to imbibe those same characteristics,-- closely guarded due an apparent needs of national security, trial being worked post the killing and through some legal modalities of sworn affidavit. The political and the religious necessity which are motivating the changes are same in our times as were there back in Joan's era of 16th Century.
    France, today we know is a great and a develoled nation. As i could understand from my own thinking, their achievement as a nation is a result of the lesson learnts from their own mistakes, which their artists and literatti brought to their conscience by holding the mirror to it. Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are few of the shining principles which our Constitution is said to have borrowed from the French's.
    How long more do you think the people of India should be made to bear the self-serving deeds of the judiciary and the legislatures before we may truly see the change that we want to.



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