RSS and BJP are house of pervert people

RSS and BJP are house of pervert people.
     It is not hypocrisy. It is something above that. It's perversity.
   Dogs, lions, and many other mammals go around putting scratch marks or urine marks in an area to demarcate their territory. That does not mean that such a Territory is a Nation !!
  The Nation state theory says that a Nation is a territory where  people have enough commonality between them (of language, culture beliefs), so to eliminate all possible fuels for  ignition. Then, the people live in peace and work for a common and mutual good, to bring about prosperity in their territory. That is how a nation is formed.
   Most certainly, the animals don't do all of these intellectual reasoning to transform their territory into a Nation.
   But surely, the need for protection of the territory from all other animal kinds who are barbaric and uncivilized is most fundamental to making a nation.
    The perversity of BJP and RSS is that they have regularly in their history and culture outweighed the need of protection of the territory (especially from Pakistan) over the duty to cultivate and duty to promote civil behavior among the people.
   Undeniably, a martyred soldier is supposed to be honoured because he sacrificed his life for the first foundational necessity by which a nation is created. But the BJP and RSS have failed afterwards from that. For building a nation, police and administration have to be reformed for public good. Akhlaq episode in Dadri was an event where mob behavior came to fore. It showed to us that we still don't have enough commonality amongst us; we have differences, the fuels of ignition which continue to gush out like geysers on earth.
   To that,the BJP and the RSS deliberately chose not to pay any attention, and now seeks redemption by professing the act of giving tribute to a martyr soldier as superior to giving condolences over that act of savagery which has put bullets through the very idea of a nation hood.
   Similarly, the BJP and the RSS refuse to acknowledge that the deepest divide in our society , from ages and aeon, has emerged from casteism. The wealth and the knowledge have remained unevenly distributed over our population in accordance with their perceived social origins. For corrections (and not Reformation) of such disparity, the world over nations have adopted affirmative action policy each modified to their individual needs. India too has brought Reservation-in-jobs in the same beliefs. Astonishingly, or rather not, the BJP and the RSS have regularly stood opposed to this corrective action. Until the fear of Bihar debacle forced them to speak otherwise.
    The BJP and the RSS have also been a regular opponent of the Socio-cultural movement described as the Secularism. Indeed Secularism has been the common outcome of a global outrage against the tyranny of the dark ages that humanity has suffered. The dark age of ignorance exploited the instinctive beliefs found in the mankind to make a certain section of human a master and owner of the the lives of the remaining inferior humans. Secularism is key to the peaceful resolution of many of our Socio-religious-cultural differences,  those big fuel sources which are running uncheck in our society.
    As the days Renaissance came upon humanity , secularism became the cultural thought. BJP and the RSS have always opposed the idea , as if to proclaim that we need to take our country back into the dark ages, where sadhu-munny did space travels, aeroplanes went on inter galactic flights and moved backwards too, where dhanvantri could cure any disease by yoga and jadi-booti ayruveda.
          Speaking the summary  of it all, the BJP and the RSS are opposed those corrective measures of this day and times which may eradicate the errors of our past; and at the same time they want to take our country and our society on those same roads of ignorant beliefs and myths, traveling on which the humanity had previously landed into the dark ages.What a pervert behavior this all is !

        These choice and the policy stands of the BJP and the RSS of the most foundation errors, filled with pervert ideologies which are probably the first reason why India is failing to become a Nation even after so many decades of gaining political Independence.


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