on the debates on the social media.

Why is there so much debate happening on the social media? What does it go on to reveal about us ?

     Most of the debates, i observe, are hinging around a general ignorance pertaining to Sociological Theories , Laws and Justice. What sort of 'nation' are we ? someone who have not yet arrived at a common agreement among ourselves on what sort of 'india' we want to make? What would be our common acceptance of the Rights and Wrongs in out Justices, our ethos.
            The debates, I notice, are highly boiling , often echoing in our hearts and minds for long time. As if the words and letters have pierced a hole into us, to burn our thoughts and emotions. There is a general confusion about the 'perfect world fallacy', 'the fully just world', 'the perfect world', wherein there are two sorts of people who are actively existent trying to ride , each on the other one. There is first group, which likes to see the imperfections of this world as a challenge, which needs be overcome, fulfilled, quality-improved in the least. And there is a second group, which believes in 'easy life' in lieu of struggling to achieve what, they know and believe, can never be achieved neither in their lifetime, nor by the humanity ever in its existence. They believe in self-centeredness as the key to all the happiness and successes.
          Indians are a world of underdeveloped community-feeling and thoughts. We have not passed over this basic debate in our desire to make a Nation out from our communities. The sociological theories, laws and justice are so much fundamental to formation of a nation. Sometimes, i find it worthy to relate this observation about the nature of debates and arguments on the Social Media with the general bio-genetic traits wherein India has lots of people with Heart-related medical conditions. Perhaps we are not able to live easy in each other's presence because we have no common agreement, socially understood by everyone, by which we may live around each other, peacefully without any 'interplay' and 'politics'. The problem of not having a common agreement, the Constitution, has reached right into our genetics. We each do not know what we want from our fellow countryman.


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