A nation and its intellectualism

In the movie ‘Shourya”, cine-actor KK delivers a powerful performance of an Army Colonel who is undergoing a military court trial. He breaks down at one point and says to his prosecutors,
Jab mein wahan saath hazaar feet ki oochayion par apni haddi galataa hoon, tab tumhe yaham buddhi-jeevi bane ki sahooliyat milti hai”.
A powerful part of speech, which, I am sure , must have affected a lot ours thinking.
Well, to me it did.
But then i sat down to think the truth of it.
It is apparently correct, but this couldn’t become the reason for any let-up in the case, definitely not as shown in the movie.
A nation, in my own thinking, is a product of a highly conceptual thinking through Intellectualism. Therefore, a solider is, but a guard of the same Intellectualism that is represented by a nation.
Lest, the guard become a Frankenstein Monster, who may take eat up its own very creator, the system of justice, another job that demands a very very high intellectualism must come to control it.
It is another story to think that going by one of so many kinds of intellects, the job of army is a fool’s job. But for the survival of that very kind of Intellect, the foolishness of creation and sustaining of Army becomes unavoidable.
Objectivists, which many of us attempt to become, or, the indifferent citizens have a right to be so, but they too earn their right only when someone offers or pretends, whatever, to be not indifferent.


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